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    Striking it Big During Casino Games
    05/15/2008, Thursday

    Having a good strategy and following it thoroughly is one of the key elements on how you can win in ant casino card game that you will join. You should never deviate from your strategy or you will lose in your game. [...MORE]

    Safety in the Casino
    11/29/2007, Thursday

    Casino safeties are different ways of protecting yourself and belongings while playing inside the casino. This will ensure that protection of hard earned winnings. [...MORE]

    Cascade Gateway Casino Growing Everyday
    12/24/2006, Sunday

    Last years opening of the Cascade Gateway Casino in Langley City paved the way for future revenues for the city. The city has already received $5 million in casino revenues, but not everyone is a supporter of the casino despite the financial windfall. [...MORE]

Cascade Gateway Casino Growing Everyday

Cascade Gateway Casino in Langley City started its operation in May of 2005 and since opening their profits have been growing.

The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has recently released its annual report that shows that the Cascades Gateway Langley Holdings Ltd had gambling revenues of over eighty eight million during the fiscal year.

The offering of five hundred thirty slot games has already taken in more than sixty six million dollars.

The Cascade casino can be seen packed with people everyday. Almost all of the slot games are occupied until the morning.

The parking facilities that can house seven hundred vehicles are always full.

To accommodate more vehicles, a three level parking facility expansion is in the works on the northwest area of the property.

The city with a population of twenty four thousand is now receiving gambling revenues from the casinos.

The city has received five million dollars in gambling revenues during this fiscal year.

The gaming revenues will make the city free of debts by 2009 and will help lessen the property tax hikes.

Even with the casino profits, the mayor of the town, Peter Fassbender is still against the casino.

According to Fassbender, the casino profits are easier to measure as compare to the social cost of gambling which is more difficult to measure.

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