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Safety in the Casino

Playing in the casino is fun. It is the place where many things happen, like meeting a lot of people, learning different strategies and the most exciting part of all is playing casino games to win big bucks.

Unfortunately because many events in the casino, many tend to forget an important thing and that is maintaining casino safety.

Casino safety is a general term that includes safeguarding your personal belongings like your mobile phone, wallet and credit cards and even jewelries when in the casino. Another most important thing to protect is you.

Inside the casinos there are surveillance cameras and roving guards. This is the way the management ensures casino safety. This may sound safe already but even though there is high technology equipment around, when there is money involved. Those with bad intentions will find a way.

Lots of players with big amount of money walk in and out of the casino unfortunately lots of people with bad intentions also walk in and out of the casino targeting busy players.

Here are some of the useful tips to maintain your own casino safety. The first tip is mind your wallet or purse

It is the habit of men to place their wallets in their back pockets therefore a thief can easily snatch it. Putting your wallet in the front pocket of the jacket or coat can avoid this incidence.

On the other hand with the ladies purse, it should not be placed on the tray located at the sides of the slot machines. The tendency is a player can forget it or someone may snatch them from the other side of the machine. Instead set it in your lap or wrap in around of the shoulder while playing.

The next one is to watch the bill receptor.When feeding a bill into the machines' receptor makes sure that it goes into the machine. There are cases that the receptor will return the bill out if it is crinkled or not inserted properly. When a player is not alert enough when a bill comes out, a thief can snatch it. Leaving a player clueless and think what happened to the credits because it does not appear to be registered in the machine

Another tip is having a security escort this can be applicable when a player wins cash jackpot. A player can approach a security personnel and ask to be escorted. Some casino hotels have a safety deposit box where players can put their belongings.

Next tip is bewaring of the bump; this is a common move of pick pockets in the casino. The pick pockets will bump the player; the accomplice will lift the wallet or money from the pocket.

Other casino safety tips are valet your car, carry emergency identification in case your wallet get lost and elevator safety. This means that do not get in the elevator with someone suspicious looking. When riding the elevator always stand against the side or the wall. This will give you a clear view of the people inside and avoiding pickpockets.

Keeping this casino safety tips in mind will ensure that your nights in the casino are not only enjoyable but safe and worry free. Proper observation of casino safety will also help minimize casino crimes.

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